The Research Center for Management and Sustainable Development (MSD), in collaboration with NGO Fontana in Denmark, organized a two-day training workshop on “Child Sexual Abuse Prevention – Gender Sensitivity and Online Safety” in HCMC August 18-19, 2014. 

Gender and Society Newsletter No. 16 - June 2014


On 21 May 2014, the Gender and Society (GAS) Research Center – Hoa Sen University organized a workshop entitled "How gender equality is envisioned in the fourth most gender equal country in the world" with Ms. Märian Linnéa Nordqvist as guest speaker. 


Professor Pham Van Thuyet, who had participated with World Bank to work with the reform programs in Vietnam and in other countries in transition, gave the audience an outsider’s viewpoint on the current obstacles, the things that need to be done, and discussed the main avenues of development for the future.

Was Irène Joliot-Curie an engaged feminist? The question addressed by this article is twofold. As a chemist, physicist and laboratory researcher, she worked in a masculine profession and called herself a feminist. 


The mission of school social work is to achieve quality education for all. Both girls and boys have their troubles in school, and school social workers must focus on the obstacles faced by all children and youth.

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Migration is increasingly being acknowledged as an issue that needs a global approach and coordinated responses...