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By Thai Thi Ngoc Du, Dominique Rolland, Nguyen Thi Nhan, Bui Tran Phuong

Gender and Society Research Centre (GAS) - Hoa Sen University

& INALCO Paris



This paper focuses on a collection of testimonies from some generations of former students who attended two female high schools, Ao Tim in Saigon and Dong Khanh in Hue during the period between 1920 and 1945. Its purpose was to study the memories and thinking of these students about the process of female students becoming mature in the Franco-Vietnamese education. Although Franco-Vietnamese schools in colonial times had their imperfections, the former female students acquired good human values under a system of selecting only those that were suitable to the Vietnamese culture. These newly-learned human values enriched the spirit of the nation. Female students became mature in the interactions of the French and Vietnamese cultures. Through the establishment of the Franco-Vietnamese school system, Vietnamese females officially obtained their schooling for the first time and consequently succeeded and participated in various intellectual activities of their society. The self-confidence from this first generation of intellectual females was improved as a result of the initial awareness of the important position of women in society.

Key words: high school education, female students, period 1920 – 1945, French language, educational heritage, train the thinking, cultural interference.



The research team would like to express their gratitude to the VALOFRASE Project (Valorisation du français en Asie du Sud-Est/ Enhancement of French in South East Asia) to the francophone organizations and to Hoa Sen University for their facilitation in terms of technique and financing the team to complete this research.

Special thanks are also conveyed to the former female students, from the Ao Tim and the Dong Khanh schools, who are residing in Ho Chi Minh City, for enthusiastically providing information and sharing their opinions relative to their studies in the old days at the Franco-Vietnamese schools.