NO 24
JUNE 2016


Final Defense of a Research Project

On May 5, 2016 the team working on a research project entitled "Competencies in the Profession and in Management of Women Intellectuals Aged 56 – 60 in Ho Chi Minh City" conducted their final defense presentation at the Department of Science and Technology of Ho Chi Minh City. The reviewing council of nine members, headed by Prof. Dao Van Luong, highly appreciated the research for its practical value and for providing additional scientific data in the formulation of a retirement policy from a gender-equality perspective. The research received 92/100 points and was rated excellent.

Reflexivity in Social Science Research and Sociology

On February 26, 2016 an academic exchange meeting with the theme: "The Reflexivity in Social Science Research and Sociology" was recently held at the Ho Chi Minh City Open University. The guest speaker was Mr. Pham Nhu Ho, MA. from the Faculty of Sociology - Social Work - Southeast Asia Studies, Ho Chi Minh City Open University. This academic exchange attracted the attention of a number of faculties, students and researchers from various universities and agencies.

The Discussion: "The Prevention and Combat of Sexual Harassment at University"

Following the trend of international integration, a number of Hoa Sen University training programs were accredited by the U.S. Accreditation Council for Business Schools and Programs (ACBSP). In addition, the University also continues drafting the Code of Conduct in line with requirements of the new situation. At the national level, the Vietnamese Amended Labor Code of 2012 also introduced a number of regulations in line with the rules of the International Labor Organization (ILO).

Art, media and intersectional feminism

An academic discussion on "Art, media and intersectional feminism", conducted in English by Dr. Huong Ngo, was held on May 10, 2016 at Gender and Society Research Center, Hoa Sen University.

This session introduced a range of projects from the fields of art and media that demonstrate approaches of intersectional feminism, which seeks to understand the combined societal effects of identity, including gender, race, class, and sexual orientation, in content and/or form.

The Vietnamese Version of “The Social Construction of Reality”

An academic discussion for launching the Vietnamese version of "The Social Construction of Reality. A Treatise in the Sociology of Knowledge”, authored by Peter Berger and Thomas Luckmann in 1966, was held on April 8, 2016 at Hoa Sen University- HCMC. The event attracted many participating lecturers, researchers and students from various faculties, universities and agencies. Wishing to contribute an important step into sociology thinking in particular and social science in general in Viet Nam, the Vietnamese version was recently translated from English by Dr. Tran Huu Quang and his colleagues and published by the Phuong Nam Book Publishers.

University Entrance Examinations: A Sociologic Perspective

An academic discussion with the theme "University Entrance Examinations: A Sociologic Perspective" was held on April 28, 2016 at the Gender and Society Research Center, Hoa Sen University (HSU), Ho Chi Minh City. The guest speaker was Mr. Pham Nhu Ho, lecturer of Sociology.


Launching of the report “Social Determinants of Gender Inequality in Vietnam”

In celebration of International Women’s Day (8 March), the Institute for Social Development Studies (ISDS), with support from the Australian Government, has launched the research report “Social Determinants of Gender Inequality in Vietnam”.