NO 25
September 2016


Gender and Society Research Findings in 2016

On August 18, 2016 a third workshop was held on Gender and Society Research Findings. Since the first workshop held on August 2014 to the present, the Gender and Society Research Center (GAS) at Hoa Sen University has held three full day workshops of this kind for researchers to review the research papers completed during the year. The papers delt with various topics such as history, literature and social issues with a point of view related to gender equality and women's rights.

Research on Elderly People in HCMC

On September 5, 2016 the Ho Chi Minh City Institute for Development Studies (HIDs) held a seminar entitled, "Building a System of Care Facilities for the Elderly in Ho Chi Minh City - Current Situation and Solutions".

Working with Male Perpetrators

The Ministry of Labor - Invalids and Social Affairs (MOLISA) in collaboration with the United Nations Population Fund in Viet Nam (UNFPA) organized a four-day pilot training workshop from August 1 to 4, 2016 in HCMC to test a training manual for working with male perpetrators.


My life is best described as being "Thiệt"

The Vietnamese word "thật" is also written and spoken in the Vietnamese southern-accent as "thiệt" (true/truthful). Ms. Bui Tran Phuong - Headmaster of the HCMC Hoa Sen University - has used the word to describe her entire life devoted to the great cause of educational renovations. The word's homophone ("thiệt" as in "thiệt thòi" - underprivileged), however, is more frequently referred to by her friends and family to indicate her sacrifices she's made out of her love and passion for this career.


'Enough is enough': Women fight for change

From Kenya to Mexico dynamic groups of women are banding together to take on issues that plague their lives - sexual harassment, violence and inequality – using vigilantism and digital technology to usher in change.

Social Inclusion of Khmer Women Migrants in Binh Duong Province

This report was based on five case studies of Khmer women that migrated from Tra Vinh province to Binh Duong province. By looking at slices of their life stories and using the concept of "territory", defined by Philosopher Gilles Deleuze, this paper examines the process of social integration with opportunities and challenges, as well as future plans by these minority ethnic women migrants.

The Impact of Migration Changes in Gender Roles in Raglai Ethnic Families

Raglai people from Phuoc Trung Commune, Bac Ai District, Ninh Thuan Province live apart from other communities. The Phuoc Trung Commune, where the ethnicity of its population is 96% Raglai, has been severely affected by drought.  It has been especially severe because the commune’s primary economic characteristic is agriculture, which includes: rice, crops and animal husbandry. As a result the local people face many difficulties in farming and many Raglai households seem to be unable to produce enough crops during drought conditions.

Decision-making on Family Issues in a Gender Relationship

The study of decision-making on family issues is not a new topic in sociology. Sociologists tend to see "the decision-making on family issues" (along with the division of labor) as an indicator to measure the extent of equality between husband and wife in the family. However, in our opinion, from an anthropological approach, in order to make this indicator truly reflect the nature of inequality it is necessary to be concerned about the nature of all issues in the family such as education, income and the family situation.

Issues on Women's Rights in Newspapers in Southern Urban Areas During the Period 1954-1975

In the Southern  urban areas during the 1954-1975 period, activities related to women's rights issues in the field of journalism were implemented with enthusiasm creating a change and thriving on quality as well as various trends compared with the early twentieth century period.

Women’s Role in Environmental Resources Protection and Sustainable Development in the Coastal Areas of Quang Ngai Province

By Tran Thi Thanh Sa

Previous worldwide studies have shown a close relationship between women and the environment. Women are both key elements of environmental impact and agents who are the first to be directly affected by the environment. Because of this close relationship that women have an important role in protecting the natural resources and the environment where they live.